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In 2015 Joeri Cornelissens and Geert Van Damme started Aranea Labs with an impressive resume and indomitable enthusiasm. Endless passion for development? Check. Shared past in IT consultancy? Double check. IT architects Joeri and Geert are the perfect “tech match” with Aranea Labs. Those who work together with the now 7-person team can lean back. Because having your own technical knowledge is not necessary.

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Your Latin might be a bit rusty, but you can trust us when we say: "aranea" means spider.

Since 2015 our effervescent lab has been working patiently, precisely, smartly and agile on tech solutions. Just like our eight-legged inspiration, we bite into strategy. We always have a plan in mind. We are fascinated by the perfect harmony of process and product. Call it a healthy obsession. A strong IT web, that’s why we do it.

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When you step into the trendy offices of Aranea Labs you immediately feel the IT vibes and the positive atmosphere of our energetic and flexible team.

We are real IT people. We speak PHP, Nodejs and advanced scrum. We enjoy metaphysical conversations and video games, of course. Are we nerds? No way! “We’re problem solvers with an addiction to creativity”.

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A start-up, an ambitious SME or a big business?

Today, companies of all shapes and sizes can count on Aranea Labs as their technical partner or home software development company. As long as your idea is refreshing, our development lab is generous with IT advice, customized software development, creative IT toppings and good cup of coffee.

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