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Does our development team detect a stumbling block at different customers? Then our technical brains take action. As a development lab, we focus on common software issues such as time-consuming internal communication or difficult inventory management. We are responsible for the analysis and elaboration thereof. We make the solution available for you.

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IT-solutions and software products

Behind the scenes, Aranea Labs works on new IT solutions and software products.

Behind the scenes, Aranea Labs works on new IT solutions and software products to support small and large companies. As soon as we identify new reusable solutions, we start developing and offer the result as a user-friendly micro service. To be continued …

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Want to inform customers, visitors, employees or patients quickly and in real time? You are not alone.

That is why Aranea Labs developed the time-saving microservice Notify. A messaging platform for streamlining internal communication or external messaging. This service makes the sending of messages via SMS, mail … possible from one central platform.

You can purchase Notify via a monthly or annual subscription and easily integrate into your application yourself thanks to crystal-clear documented APIs. As a software developer, we can also install them for you and connect them to your servers. Curious? Download the free demo version of Notify.

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