We build collaborative partnerships around brilliant startup concepts. Got a great idea? We’ll help you make it real

What We Do

We turn ideas into experiences

For startups. For entrepreneurs. For established organizations pursuing fresh innovations. We’ll transform your idea into a living, breathing solution that captivates users and generates revenue.

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And we’ll exceed your expectations along the way.

At Aranea Labs, we operate as an extension of your internal team. From discovery and analysis to ongoing product development, we take charge of your technical activities – all of them – so you can focus on growing your business.

Working with us is like having your own department of software engineers, designers, and user experience artists, all under one roof. We’ll help you create web and mobile apps, enterprise software, and interactive digital experiences. We’ll help you optimize your creative vision, explore new possibilities, and extend your reach.

We’ll help you evolve.

In the past, businesses hired “developers” or “technical consultants” to create custom software. You told them what you wanted, and they built something. That was it.

But great ideas don’t need a great consultant. Great ideas need a great partner – an agile, collaborative, fully transparent technical partner who moves your business forward. That’s what we do at Aranea Labs

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Who We Are

We’re problem solvers with an addiction to creativity. We’ve launched startups, built mobile apps, led profitable consultancies, and managed development teams.

We enjoy metaphysical conversations. Video games, too.

In 2015, we joined forces to found Aranea Labs. Like an aranea (or “spider” if you remember your Latin), we’re patient and precise, clever and agile. We’re also strategic, which means we’re obsessed with achieving harmony of process and product.

When you partner with Aranea Labs, you get a team of analytical brains, learned perspectives, and a highly collaborative approach to technical problems. It’s the essence of who we are.

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    Joeri Cornelissens

    Co-founded a Bitcoin startup and managed his own web development firm. With first-hand exposure to the startup landscape, Joeri brings realistic business sense and uncanny creative energy to our technical partnerships.

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    Geert Van Damme

    Creates powerful applications that combine comprehensive functionality with simple, intuitive usability. He’s an experienced technical coach and scrum master with an unbridled commitment to client success.

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